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Hastings comedy festival logo & Media info

Please use the official Hastings Comedy Festival logo when using on media platforms

and for the festival posters/flyers should have them. 


Social media 

@Hastingscomedyfestival Facebook and Instagram for any promotion tags

@HastingsComedy on (formally twitter)

Creating a show event on Facebook? We do a social event for the whole festival, each day and also each venue, the venues sometimes also do their own events for each day.


All show listings with active box office will be on the website from Feb/March at the latest and in the programme which is out in print form by end of March.

Online promotion


on our social media platforms we custom make and share each thumbnail for your festival show, these have been a great tool for us in promoting acts and their shows on multiple platforms with links for tickets, we will also send you a digital copy should you want to share this as well. 


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